A list of ELO fan & official websites.


Out of the Blue Artifices  - https://outoftheblueartifacts.com/
Face The Music Germany - http://www.face-the-music.de/frame_e.html
ELO Light Years Ahead - http://www.elolya.co.uk/

ELO Beatles For Ever - http://elobeatlesforever.blogspot.co.uk/

ELO Discovery - http://www.elodiscovery.com/all-over-the-world.html

Face The Music - http://ftmusic.com/

Jeff Lynne / ELO Song Database - http://www.jefflynnesongs.com/

Jeff Lynne's ELO - http://elo.biz/

Horace Wimp ELO Forum - http://jefflynneselo.proboards.com/

Jeff Lynne & Related Blog - http://unofficialjefflynne.blogspot.co.uk/

ELO Spain - http://www.elosp.com/


All pictures, graphics, record designs and logos are the property of Jeff Lynne / ELO, this is non profit fan based site .

I would like to thank and credit:

Peter Miles, Graham from OutOfTheBlueArtifactsPatrik Guttenbacher from Face The Music Germany

For help, corrections, images and information on this website.