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ELO Albums Discography is a comprehensive collectors reference site listing, as far as possible, all the different catalogue numbers and label variations for Electric Light Orchestra Vinyl LPs & CDs issued in the UK, Ireland, Holland/Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Sweden & USA from 1971 to 2022

The ELO Collecting section has comprehensive information & articles on all New Vinyl 180Gm albums issued from 1999 onwards, Japan issued Blu-Spec CDs, the late 70's Jet Records Coloured Vinyl UK re-issues, 1st issue CDs in the UK and more !

The albums images below, take you to the UK release information pages.

On the Third Day LP
Eldorado LP
The Electric Light Orchestra LP
Face The Music LP
A New World Record LP
Out Of The Blue LP
Balance of Power LP
Xanadu LP
Time LP
Zoom LP
Alone in the Universe LP
Secret Messages LP
Discovery LP
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ELO Discography of UK compilations, box sets & live albums issued on vinyl & CD released on Harvest, Warner Brothers, Jet & Epic Record labels.

ELO Discography of USA released compilations, box sets & live albums on vinyl and CD issued on United Artists, Jet, Sony & Epic Record labels

ELO Discography of manufactured in Holland (Netherlands) for Europe issued studio albums, compilations, box sets & live albums on vinyl & CD.

No Answer UAS 5573

ELO Discography of Germany, Sweden Ireland & Spain issued studio albums, compilations & live albums on vinyl & CD on United Artists, Jet & Epic.


Comprehensive ELO discography with details of UK, EU Zone/Holland, German, Swedish & USA issued LP & CD albums, starting with the original studio albums, then Compilation Albums, Box Sets & Live Albums.  Album labels were often change at the pressing plants if the type face or font was too small.


I have included major changes to labels where at least the text layout or catalogue number has been changed. If I have made any errors or if you know of any different releases/issues, please let me know.

Not included are non-official Live CDs or LPs, or Cassette Tapes as these were to easy to pirate and make non-official copies of.

The site is picture heavy, so please do wait for it to fully load, oh and Welcome to the Show !

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