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Discography of Electric Light Orchestra LPs & CDs issued in the USA.

Due to the size of the USA and number of pressing plants around the USA, it is nearly impossible to collect all the various label variations. So instead listed are the known various label variations and issues by catalogue numbers of American issued ELO studio albums, compilations live albums and box sets.

Not included are non-official Live CDs or LPs, or Cassette Tapes as these were to easy to pirate and make

non-official copies of.

Click the links below for ELO discography on America issued LPs/CDs/Albums....

The Electric Light Orchestra LP
No Answer UAS 5573
On The Third Day LP
Eldorado LP
Face The Music LP
A New World Record LP
Out Of The Blue LP
Discovery LP
Xanadu LP
Time LP
Secret Messages LP
Balance Of Power LP
Zoom LP
Alone In The Universe LP
From Out Of Nowhere
No Answer UAS 5573


ELO Greatest Hits FZ 36310 Front Sleeve.

ELO Greatest Hits

All Over The World CD Front EK 94489.jpg

The Very Best of ELO

No Answer UAS 5573

General Compilations

No Answer UAS 5573

ELO Box Sets

No Answer UAS 5573

ELO Live Albums

USA CD Long Boxes 

Almost all CD’s issues in the USA were released in a long cardboard boxes, because It seems that the US record shops clerks were a bit sceptical about the new CD format and didn't want to change their record racks.

With the 12” high & 6” small long CD Boxes they could put two CD’s in one LP rack, plus maybe shop lifting might be more difficult with a long box.

This carried on till about 1990/1991/1992 when the US record industry turned against it. Because of ecological reasons & decreasing the costs for a CD.

"No Answer",  "Electric Light Orchestra II" and "Xanadu"  CDs were not issued/did not come in long boxes, or at least none have been found yet !

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