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The labels of ELO UK Vinyl Issues through the years...

ELO were first signed to EMI Harvest Records, then Warner Brothers and then the famous Jet (aka Jeff...) Records.


Polydor was the first distributor for Face The Music album, then United Artists was the distribution company for the albums A New World Record and Out Of The Blue and used record labels that were green/blue with yellow & white light beams. When Jet Records changed to CBS for distribution in 1978, eventually in 1979 new record labels were designed that were a brighter blue with pink & white light beams.


Except for the LP "Time" as the LP music style was meant to be more like the prog rock of the mid 1970's so the older yellow & white light beams design was used !

Finally Jet Records was taken over by Epic/Sony.  


The changes in record companies and distributors made for some interesting UK label designs through the years. 

A New World Record UAG 30017
A New World Record UAG30017

A New World Record

Jet Records Style Issue - Yellow & White Light Beams

A New World Record UAG30017/Jet LP20

A New World Record

Jet Records Style - different text layout Issue - Yellow & White Light Beams

Out of the Blue UAR 100 / UAS 1100

Out Of The Blue

 Jet Records "Green" Style Issue - Yellow & White Light Beams

Out of the Blue JetDP 400 / UAR100
Face The Music JETLP 201 / UAG 30034
Out of the Blue JetDP 400

On The Third Day / Eldorado / Face The Music / A New World Record / Out Of The Blue Jet Records Re-Issues

Discovery Jet LX500

Different text layouts - Yellow & White Light Beams

New CBS Issue Style - Yellow & Pink Light Beams

Xanadu Jet LX526
Time Jet LP236

Time - Yellow & White Light Beams

Secret Messages Jet LX527
Face The Music EPC 32544

Face The Music - Re-Issue on Epic Label

The Light Shines On Vol 2  SHSM 2027
The Light Shines On SHSM 2015
Mr. Blue Sky - FR LP570E
Mr. Blue Sky - FR LP570E
The Best of ELO - Telly7
Very Best Of ELO Star 2370
All Over The World - 88985312351
ELO - 3 Light Years
ELO - 4 Light Years
The Night The Light Went On In Long Beach - EPC 32700
Electric Light Orchestra Live 2001 - LETV096LP
Jeff Lynne's ELO - Wembley or Bust
Discovery Test Pressing

Credit Peter Miles

Side 1 and Side 2 do not match.

This is because there is an below stack and a above stack of labels feeding to the pressing stampers.

No one in the pressing plant or Jet Records took notice  if different labels were loaded in the feeders.

And that is the reason why sometimes wrong labels or different labels were on the same record.


Label Miss Press.

Side A: Face The Music Label on A New World Record RED Vinyl issue !!

This NOT a photo edit of the label.


Label Miss Press.

On The Third Day

Side A : Jet LP202 with Yellow/Pink Light Beams

Side B: Jet LP202 (UAG30091) Yellow/White Light Beams

This NOT a photo edit of the label.

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