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ELO Discography of Spanish issued/pressed or manufactured studio albums.


Here are the 12 main ELO studio albums issued in the Spain, plus ELO Compilations.  Not included are non-official Live CDs or LPs, or Cassette Tapes as these were to easy to pirate and make non-official copies of.

Also not included are the the first issue CDs which were only issued in the USA & Japan, some then got imported in to the Spain & the EU. 

ELO albums were often issued and pressed under licence to Spanish printers/pressing companies, starting with "EMI-Odeon" (ELO & ELO 2), "Hispavox / WB" (OTTD, Eldorado), "Polydor" (Face The Music), and "Ariola Eurodisc" (A New World Record & first bunch of Out Of The Blue), ending with Jet/Epic that printed "White label" promo singles onwards, as well as White label albums (Greatest Hits, Xanadu, Time & Secret Messages) some with the regular Jet label but with rectangular golden promo stamps on the rear sleeve.

On any Spanish pressing, there are two written details always present on the label, the abreviation S.G.A.E. that means: "General Society of Author and Editors", that deals with artists copyrights, and "Depósito Legal" a kind of National and Regional Archive of all artistic works published in Spain

Album labels were often change at the pressing plants if the type face or font was too small. Or some times label text would be moved around and in different place. I have included major changes to labels where at least the catalogue number has been changed or there was a major change to the label layout.

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MANY Special Thanks to: "Jesus Maria Rey Nuno (elo_rey), from "AS DE ELO", ELO´s Official Fanclub in Spain for the great help and info, pictures for this Spanish section.

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The Electric Light Orchestra LP
On The Third Day LP
Eldorado LP
Face The Music LP
A New World Record LP
Out Of The Blue LP
Discovery LP
Xanadu LP
Time LP
Secret Messages LP
Balance Of Power LP

ELO Discography of Spanish issued/pressed or manufactured

Compilation Albums LPs & CDs

Included are all Spain release's and direct imports or issues made in Europe for the UK issued on Harvest/EMI, Jet Records, Epic, Sony & Legacy labels. Not included are Cassette Tapes as these were to easy to pirate and make non-official copies of.

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