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ELO Discography of European / Holland (Dutch/Netherlands) pressed or manufactured studio albums.  

EMI, Warner Bros. & Polydor record companies did their own vinyl pressings in the early 1970’s.

EMI used codes: UK, 0C…, Germany 1C…, France 2C…, Italy 3C…, Belgium 4C..., Holland 5C… etc..

Warner Brothers:  Most of the sleeves were printed in Germany and sold with the Holland produced discs (Stemra is stated for Holland)

Polydor:  LP Discs were pressed in Holland

United Artists: were distributed in Holland using EMI, so the United Artist issues got the EMI 5C… number.

CBS chooses in 1972 that they would manufacture all their records for Central Europe in a pressing plant in Holland.  Germany (West) is the biggest music market in Central Europe with the most inhabitants.

When ELO changed to CBS for Distribution in May 1978, all German Discs, (like Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden etc…) were then manufactured in Holland and issued and available in all Central European Countries.

Here are the main ELO studio albums. Not included are non-official Live CDs or LPs,

or Cassette Tapes as these were to easy to pirate and make non-official copies of.

Click an image below for more info on each album....

Holland Flag.jpg
The Electric Light Orchestra LP
On The Third Day LP
Eldorado LP
Face The Music LP
A New World Record LP
Out Of The Blue LP
Discovery LP
Xanadu LP
Time LP
Secret Messages LP
Balance Of Power LP

All issues from 2001’s Zoom, Alone In The Universe and From Out Of Nowhere were UK/Holland/Europe wide issues and are covered in the UK Albums section HERE.

Zoom LP
Alone In The Universe LP
From Out Of Nowhere

Holland, being a smaller country, did not need the amounts of records they were pressing/manufacturing. So some "Made in Holland" products were NOT AVAILABLE in Holland and instead released only in Germany ! (E.G. Discovery Half Speed Master Issue & Perfect World Of Music compilation) 

So Holland ONLY issues stopped after May 1978. Italy, France Spain and other larger European countries still produced/pressed their own copies / releases.


Later on France and Spain stopped manufacturing their own copies and even later on, the UK started to use the Holland pressings instead of UK pressed copies.

CBS Nice Price Range

When CBS UK decided to produce single sleeves for Discovery and OOTB, CBS Europe changed their minds and produced all the coming "Nice Price" releases with gatefold sleeves and original inner sleeves in this order:

Discovery - 1986,  ELO’s Greatest Hits - 1986,  On The Third Day - 1986,  Time - 1987,  Secret Messages - 1988, Eldorado, - 1990,  Balance Of Power - 1991,  Out Of The Blue 1991.


Credit to Partrik Guttenbacher from FTM Germany for the above info.

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